Rolling robot rampages first league match

Max Adams, Staff Reporter

The Robotics team here at Kamiakin has been hard at work these past few weeks at getting a robot up and running for the first FTC Skystone match last Saturday. The team went through redesign after redesign of the robot in an effort to find one that would be able to score the highest amount of points at the match. After many attempts at getting the arm and hand of the robot to the point where they could complete the tasks needed at an optimal time, and after getting the code of the robot to the point of working with only minor issues, the team was ready for the match.

“I think we had good chances (at competing well in the match),” said Junior Alex Peppard, robot driver.

The match was designated to start last Saturday, Nov. 2 at 10 a.m. but was moved back a couple of minutes in order to give the teams more time to tweak and prepare. It was around 10:45 when the first round of the matches started, and Kamiakin was up to play. After some difficulty with its autonomous phase, the robot was off, and though it wasn’t able to complete all the tasks needed, it was still able to score the highest of any other robot in that round.

This trend of scoring highest was fortunately able to continue into the next rounds with the robot scoring high again and again. After working through some technical difficulties, the team was able to get the robot’s autonomous code up and working without much of a fuss. With this and both the drivers and coach working hard together, Kamiakin was able score the highest amount of points of the entire match.

(From left to right) Junior Alex Peppard/driver, Ian Kern/coach, and Senior Evan Campbell/driver getting ready for the first round.

“I enjoyed competing in the match, but the best part of the experience was seeing other people’s robots and how they designed them,” said Senior Evan Campbell, robot driver/arm controller.

The robotics team was both extremely happy about how they placed in the match but also acknowledged that this robot was not the final product they were looking for.

Robotics team getting their robot in place and talking with their partner team.

“We did well, but there is much to improve on (with the robot),”  said Sophomore Ian Kern, robotics coach.

Doug Reppe, the teacher in charge of the robotics team here at Kamiakin, was also excited to see the results of the match, and is hopeful for what the team will create in the future.

“I was very glad to see that our team got first place at the competition, and I’m excited to see what they are able to come up with for the next one,” said teacher Doug Reppe.