Valentine’s Day Valograms


Rhiannon Rogers

Students in the vocal program sing to unsuspecting recipients for valograms.

Emily Baer

Sierra Reams, Staff Reporter

Two weeks ago was a week full of nothing but L-O-V-E. It was Valentine’s week. This day is named after St. Valentine, which was originally supposed to represent the first day of spring. In only recent years has Valentine’s Day been celebrated as a day of love and laughter. But with all the commotion of getting flowers or a giant teddy bear for your other half, the choir class decided to take a majorly different approach. They went all around the Tri-Cities and sang to others’ special someone.

They sang songs like “1, 2, 3, 4” by The Plain White Tees, “Rhythm of Love”, also by The Plain White Tees, “My Girl” by The Temptations, “Happy Together” by the Turtles, and “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. To get a song sung to your special someone, you needed $5 for school, $15 for the Kennewick area, and $20 for the Richland and Pasco areas. They showed up at the time and place, planned by the buyer, and sang the song of choice to the unsuspecting recipient.

The choir group sang all the songs without any music to go along with it, otherwise known as singing   a cappella. Senior Tony Garcia, who has perfect pitch, would start the other members off on the correct note in the song. Recipients often laughed, clearly embarrassed that they were being sung to in front of everyone. However, they enjoyed it and it created a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Senior and Choir President Megan Mattinson said, “Valograms was a fun way to connect with both the school and the community through music. It helped us as a choir to branch out into other genres of music.”

Students and Faculty all enjoyed seeing students coming together to show love during the Valentine’s Day week. Whether it was love for a friend, or for one’s significant other, the love was spread far and wide within our community. So when Valentine’s Day comes around next year, be sure to buy a Valogram for a significant other!