Jack the Ripper identity revealed?

Jack the Ripper identity revealed?

Noah Rhea, Staff Reporter

Jack the Ripper has been an unidentified serial killer for 126 years. The number of how many people he has killed remain unknown, but five killings have been confirmed. After all this time, could the identity of this mysterious killer be finally revealed?

It was reported on Fox News that Jack the Ripper has been identified by DNA. Molecular biologist, Dr. Jari Louhelainen, tested the DNA off a blood stained shawl that was found on one of the victims, and the blood matched to a man named Aaron Kosminski.

Kosminski, a Jewish Polish-born immigrant, was a hairdresser. He moved to England from Poland in the 1880s and lived in Whitechapel, where the killings took place in 1888. During the time of the killings, he was around 23 years old. In 1891, he was thrown into an insane asylum, which was around the time the killings ended.

“I’m excited and proud of what we’ve achieved and satisfied that we have established, as far as we possibly can, that Aaron Kosminski is the culprit,” Louhelainen said to Fox News. Though this seems like strong evidence, there is still much doubt from others who have worked on the Ripper case, that this is their man.

“The shawl has been openly handled by loads of people and been touched, breathed on, spat upon,” Richard Cobb told The Times of London. “My DNA is probably on there. What’s more, Kosminski is likely to have frequented prostitutes in the East End of London. If I examined that shawl, I’d probably find links to 150 other men from the area.”

Though this case is 126 years old, these biologists and journalists are still trying to crack the case of the world renown serial killer “Jack the Ripper.” It’s also quite possible that this is the identity of the famous murderer, and yet, it’s also possible that he will never be named.