Self-acceptance a key to fulfillment in life

Sabrina Heijmans, Staff Reporter

Acceptance is a major key of life. Some struggle with accepting themselves, maybe for different reasons. Everyone finds acceptance in themselves at all ages, just depends on how they see themselves.  If you accept yourself, then others will accept you as well.

Bullying has a big role in why some, well most people don’t accept themselves. It crushes self-esteem, and makes people feel as though they’re trapped in a cage, having no choice but to be attacked by all the hurtful words. Certain people get bullied every day of their life. Being “different” can certainly make people not accept them self. “one out of four  teenagers commit suicide every month.” Said, Integrate Counseling Services.  Most teens struggle badly with bullying, heartbreak, family issues and so much more. It’s no wonder they have no acceptance for their well-being “I’ve gotten to the point of accepting myself, because I learned not to care what others think of me,” Said Senior Nicole Johnson.

The meaning of acceptance is this: A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.  Basically saying, acceptance is a feeling or belief. Teens have to BELIEVE and FEEL accepted. And teens will and only will get that if they accept themselves just the way they are. Whether you’re gay, straight, tall, short, fat, skinny, artistic, athletic, religious, whatever it may be, find acceptance in yourself and others will too.

People were born the way they are.  Don’t change that. Acceptance is key. Society has changed drastically. There have been many changes to how people act, dress, and carry themselves. And all of that changed because of acceptance.  It’s a cruel, cruel world out there, and to gain acceptance, you must give acceptance first.

Steps to achieve self-acceptance

  1. Surround yourself with encouraging friends
  2. Talk to trusted adults
  3. Repent bullying
  4. Forsake harmful relationships