The Tomatalk

2019-2020 Staff

Emily McKinnon

Opinion Editor

I am Emily McKinnon, Kamiakin High Schools Tomatalk "Opinion Editor". I believe in a year, that I will be in Oahu, Hawaii taking a break from the fourteen years of schooling I have endured. I will be on the beaches of Waikiki...

Dakota Simmons

Sports Editor

My name is Dakota Simmons, I am the Sports Editor for the Tomatalk Newspaper. I am a senior and I plan on attending University of Idaho and studying Agriculture Systems Management.

Jenny Duong

Staff Reporter

Hi I am Jenny Duong and I am a Tomatalk Staff Reporter, I'm in charge of "Instagram". In a year I will be a student at Central Washington University, pursuing my career of nursing.  

Seth WhiteCrane

Staff Reporter

Seth WhiteCrane is a senior and staff reporter for the Kamiakin Tomatalk.

Max Adams

Online Editor

I'm Maximus Adams ,and I'm the online editor here at Journalism. I'm a senior ,and where I see myself a year from now is at CBC working towards either a job in programming or pharmaceuticals.

Kayla McElroy

News Editor

Hi , I'm Kayla McElroy and i am the News editor. I am 17 years old, and a senior.

Taya Questad


My name is Taya Questad and i am editor in chief. I will be attending CBC next year in hopes of getting a Major in elementary teaching and a minor in business. Journalism is a huge passion of mine and I hope to achieve many...

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