Kamiakins Dance Team’s first competition Q & A

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor


1: How do you feel it went?

2: Is there anything you feel you could have done better?

3: What was your favorite part of the dance or dances you did?

4: Is there anything else you would like to add?



Ashley Hissam (Kamiakin Dance Coach)

1: “I feel the girls first competition in Tumwater was an amazing win and the start of a great season. They have defined all odds that were stacked against them and proved to me that they could come together as a team and crush all of the goals we had set for the first competition. We set out to make this a practice run and show the first year girls what exactly a competition was. So to finish the day with two first place trophies and qualify both our routines for districts was a huge success. I am beyond proud of them.”

2: “Is there always room for improvement and changes? Yes, but to have a team of 12 dancers where nine of them have never experienced a high school competition before, my answer is they were great. I changed their jazz music two weeks before we competed, changed both of their routines almost completely two days before we left, and they still showed me what it’s like to push through and come out on top. So no, I don’t think their first competition could have done any better. I have a strong group of girls.”

3: “My favorite part of the routines is the girls. To be able to see every single one of them push out of their comfort zones, turn into a different character for each routine and just come to life out on the dance floor is what I strive for. They dance with so much passion and love for the sport, it’s such a joy to watch. Being able to transform the routines and push them to try new things is the best feeling. My goal is to create routines that they love so we can come out on top.”

4: “These girls are unstoppable and we are just getting started. In my eight years of coaching, this is the first time they have qualified for districts so early on in the season as well as reaching some of the highest scores. I cannot wait to see what this amazing group of girls can do this year. Our goal is to bring back our Districts title in Hip Hop, get one Jazz and earn a top spot at State. It is such a pleasure and joy being able to coach them and take this journey with them.”


Kendra Welsh (senior)

1: “It went very surprisingly well. Beforehand while we were practicing, it didn’t seem to be looking that great, but we went out and killed it.”

2: “I think we all have something to improve on for the next time. Our energy and overall performance we play to the audience is in need of improving definitely.”

3: “My favorite part of our Hip Hop routine is the very beginning for sure. I love the power in it. As for Jazz, I love when everyone else drops and two girls hug, then we all come together at the end. I believe it’s very emotional.”

4: “Both of our routines went very well. We tried our best to play the stories in our dances, and the only way we can go is up now. We’ll definitely be getting higher scores and more trophies to bring home.”


Mya Grajeda (junior)

1: “It actually went like really great. It exceeded our expectations because we didn’t expect to place that high because we went through a rough patch.”

2: “I wish I started with more energy and confidence because it was the first time I had been in a competition.”

3: “During Jazz it would have to be the lift.”

4: “It was a great experience to start off the year winning first.”