Kamiakin girls soccer season overview/playoffs

Jeremai Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Kamiakin soccer girls have worked so hard to get to where they are now. They are in the state tournament and have won their first two state games.

“Our team is different from last year, and we are working with what we have. The effort we put in our practices will determine how far we are going to get. We are in round of 16 and we are trying to achieve the top four once again,” said Sarah Ensign.

This season league wise, the girls have won 14 games, lost 0, and tied 0. The total number of goals for the season games have been 55. Their goal differential is spectacular because they only conceded three goals all season, not counting pre-season or post-season games. They also were undefeating all season, which is quite an accomplishment.   

The first post season game was tough. Only one goal was scored in all 80 minutes of the game against North Central. The second game was not as tough. The girls scored 5 on their opponent Shadle Park which didn’t take much effort, but they keep on training and getting better and focus for their next match which is yet to be decided after the two matches that will occur on Nov. 1. Those games are Mt. Spokane versus Southridge and Richland versus Chiawana. These two matches will determine our team’s next opponent.

When asked how different practices were since the season games, senior Sarah Ensign said, “Practices are more intense and a lot more running. Our coach scouts teams’ flaws, and we practice how we are going to use that against them.”

The Kamiakin girls varsity soccer team, using strategic methods of practice and using the opposing team’s weaknesses to better their own abilities to take them far in their season, will no doubt make another good year in records.

Photo Credit: ASUA