Kamiakin football overview/playoffs

Jeremai Hernandez, Staff Reporter

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Kamiakin football hasn’t been what we expected, but these boys have been practicing long and hard every day even before the season started. This season the team pulled off five wins and three losses, not including pre-season and post-season games. Currently, they are ranked third behind Richland’s 6-2 record and two spots behind the leader on the board, Chiawana, with a record of seven wins and on loss.

Their next game is on Friday Nov. 2, 2018 at 7:30 at Joe Albi Stadium. The outcome of this game will determine if the team will advance to the next stage which is first round of state. We will be playing Shadle Park to dictate who will advance to first round of state. Shadle Park has a record of three wins and three losses. Fans can expect a challenging and competitive game with the two teams being on an even playing field.  

Senior and football captain Cesar Salas reflected on the team’s season so far. “I think we are a better team than what numbers or statistics show. Anyone can have a good day or a bad one. It all comes out to how much effort you put in the field,” he said.

With hope and ambition fueling the football team to show their ability from hard practices in the upcoming games, the Kamiakin Braves football team is confident in their success and advancing to the next stage in the playoffs. As the motto goes, “We are Kamiakin Braves!” and together, with the coaches, staff, teachers, and students, every loss is a lesson, and every win is well earned.

Photo Credit: Alabama Today

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