It’s time to strike a new year with bowling

Maddie Briggs, Sports Editor

After debating with his wife, teacher Chad Potter finally decided to coach the girls bowling team. “When I saw that Kamiakin was adding a women’s bowling team, I was intrigued. I talked it over with my wife and weighed the positives and negatives. When everything was said and done, there weren’t many negatives, so I decided to go forward with it.”

Potter has been the assistant coach for football, shot and discus, and wrestling for the past 25 years. He still helps coach freshman football and has ideas on how to balance the two sports. “It will be demanding on my time, but I have a few ideas on how to make it work out for the betterment of both programs.”

Potter is looking for girls who are interested in bowling and willing to work on improving. “We are looking forward to working with everyone regardless of skill level,” he said.

The home alley will be Spare Time Bowling Alley. Kamiakin will be sharing Spare Time Bowling Alley with Kennewick and Southridge and will be practicing two to three times a week, Monday through Thursday.

“There will be many different components to practice. It won’t be just showing up and bowling for a couple of hours then leave. We will be studying the sport within the sport. There are many different components to the delivery, picking up spares, and just the psychological demands that our ladies will experience,” Potter said.

There have been concerns on why the bowling team only has a girls’ team. Potter has seen lots of interest from boys in forming a team. “Maybe someday in the future we will add a men’s team or as a club.”

Potter doesn’t see bowling leaving any time soon.

Potter expresses his hopes for the bowling team and other sports. “I have heard that it can get a little rowdy at league meets. Run Kano has already expressed interest in being there to support our ladies. We have some really amazing athletes at our school and many don’t realize it. Our wrestling teams, gymnastics team, and swim/dive teams are excellent examples of programs that don’t get a lot of attention but we have had tremendous success over the years and have produced amazing athletes. My hopes are that we can not only bring attention to the new bowling program but also to increase popularity of all of our programs,” he said.