Veteran’s Day Assembly good despite some setbacks

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

Kamiakin’s Veteran’s Day Assembly was a very sentimental, heart warming tribute to our veterans and even some of the veterans that could unfortunately not attend the event. Kamiakin even held a breakfast for the veterans right after they were finished sitting in at the assembly. The breakfast consisted of  a high stacked plate of pancakes, a giant bowl of fresh strawberries, and a large assortment of many different delicious toppings.

Unfortunately, there were a few problems that happened with the assembly. There was a timing error that occurred when the band started playing before the choirs could get to their standing places on the risers. The choir students had to begin singing as soon as they got up and started walking to get into their positions. But the band played their instruments very well and the choir students all sounded wonderful and in unison. The band and choir blended very well together.

The assembly had a few highlights that happened like the video made by ASB from pictures Kamiakin students had sent in of their veteran relatives as well as the letters read off by some of the ASB members. The letters came from some fallen soldiers. These moments of the assembly were very touching and brought tears to people’s eyes. The only problem was the amount of veterans we had come to our assembly. Kamiakin had a very small turnout of veterans that came to the assembly when normally there is a larger amount of people filling the center of the gym floor. So I am curious as to why the turnout was so minimal compared to years before this one.

Some students who participated also felt like the assembly was good, but it also differed from years past. “I feel that it was okay. There were a few timing errors and the girls who were up at the podium laughed a little after someone read one of the veteran stories,” said Makayla Bettendorf (Senior)

Senior Chloe Hodge shared her opinion as well. “I personally love the Veteran’s Day assembly every year, and this year I didn’t notice anything that made me love it any less! This assembly, like the ones before it, did exactly what you would expect out of an assembly such as this.”