Students skipping school a major problem

Why would they want to skip?


Taya Questad, Editor-in-Chief

Skipping is a huge dilemma in high school. Studies show that in the U.S., 62,000 students skip daily. The question is are they really sick or just skipping? So what is the main cause of students skipping class or the whole school day?

“Because they don’t find school enjoyable,” said senior Brandon Waguespack.

If students find the classes boring and not enjoyable, why don’t teachers change up the lesson a little? Because most teachers have been teaching for decades and don’t want to try and change up the lesson when it’s been working for decades. But does that mean it’s going to work for each generation of students?

If the teacher is more modern and hasn’t been teaching for very long and yet kids still skip, then is it really the teacher’s fault? Schools want to make every kid standard by making us take standardized tests and make us take specific classes that we don’t want to take. And just three years ago, the districts changed the credit curriculum to 24 credits from 21 forcing kids to not fail or take extra classes.

Now how is this going to stop kids from skipping? It really won’t stop them. It’s only going to drive them to skip even more because as students, they want to be themselves and not be a standard teen. Now what is a standard teen? Someone who gets standard grades and wears standard clothes that are set by the audience. We need less standard students and more creative students to create diversity in the world. People should let the kids be who they want and not standardize them. Pushing kids to do something will make them rebel. 

Standard kids make for standard people which equals boring and would make them rebel. When teachers and parents are always telling students what to do, how to be, and what to wear, it can cause rebellion. Like when a teacher is telling the kid to learn something and not making it fun, the kid is more likely to skip that class than any other.

“About 40 percent of the people have skipped and about 20 percent skip daily,” said Waguespack, estimating how students act at Kamiakin. 

If numbers are so high, then schools should start doing something about it. Skipping is a huge problem and should be taken care of.