“Yesterday” shows the significance of The Beatles impact on history

Universal Pictures UK

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

This very entertaining, music filled movie really pulled out and emphasized good information on what life would be like without The Beatles. The movie, based on IMDB, described, “A struggling musician realizes he’s the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.” There was three big things that now have just faded from existence because of The Beatles no longer existing. The first being Coco-Cola; this was brought into the movie when the main character Jack’s mom had brought him up a Pepsi, he asked if they had Coke but nobody knew what he was talking about. The second thing being cigarettes, and the third being Harry Potter. Every time Jake (the struggling musician/main character) would refer to one of these things and when nobody knew what he was talking about he googled it and it didn’t exist.

The main idea of googling things to see if they existed started when Jake had gotten hit by a truck, and he then woke up in the alternate timeline. His friends and Manager Ellie bought him a brand new guitar for him to sing and re-start up his career; After singing “Yesterday” by The Beatles for them he was in disbelief that they thought it was his work. Jake had rushed home to google “The Beatles” only the insect popped up. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band brought up the bell pepper vegetable.

Many of The Beatles songs had references appear through different characters. This had helped Jake because after learning nobody knew The Beatles, he had taken it under his wing to learn every single word to every single song they have ever made. His dentist made the reference of “Getting a little help from his friends.” Jake then went on a journey to be the best singer/song writer in the world and was noticed by two other people. These two other people were the last people who remembered The Beatles along with Jake. The only problem with his journey was that it got in the way of him and Ellie. Ellie was in love with him, and he didn’t realize his love for her until it was almost too late.

One issue with Jake introducing The Beating into modern day society was that society was a bit past and not quite ready for the full impact of The Beatles. When Jack was faced with making album covers he made his versions of “Abbey Road”, “The White Album”, and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. The editors said they were confusing, not diverse enough, and too long of a title. Ed Sheeran who was also featured in the movie was part in changing “Hey Jude” to “Hey Dude”, all because Jude was very old fashioned.

The movie ended with a band. A love confession from Jake to Ellie all because of Jake meeting with John Lennon, a raging concert where Jake confessed he was not the actual writer of all of the song, and Jake running away with Ellie and starting a life, living happily ever after.