Deadly Challenges

Imogen Santoyo, staff reporter

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There are many challenges that are being made up by this generation. These  challenges are very dangerous to people’s well being. The challenges being made up are: ‘Charlie, Charlie Challenge’, ‘The Momo Challenge’, ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, ‘Salt and Ice Challenge’, ‘Cinnamon Challenge, Eraser Challenge’, and the ‘Fire Challenge’.

  A lot of these challenges have to do with harming yourself. For instance’, The Blue Whale Challenge is a suicidal game based on killing yourself once the game ends. Then , there is the ‘Momo Challenge’ shows a scary creature that arrives in kid tutorials and it tells children to harm themselves. That they need a sharp object and that they can’t tell anyone the creature is on their screen or they’ll harm them at night. The Salt and Ice Challenge is where  the person rubs ice on their body and then applies salt on their skin. This is dangerous because, it can injure the nerve and damage the skin much more quickly. The Fire Challenge  when a person applies flammable chemicals on to their body and then, sets themselves on fire.


  These challenges are all viral on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter; The challenges are not only harmful but, dangerous to not only themselves but to everyone who has internet.  To get more input from those who are concerned about these challenges three major questions have been asked;


Where did these challenges come from?

  Lizbeth Hurado (Senior): I feel like these challenges come from people who want attention. They want it from either their friends or family.


  Emily Cox ( Junior):Someone either started it as a joke or to cause actual harm and fear.


  Ashelyn  Lockard (Senior): Some idiot on the internet.


Why were they made?

  Lizbeth Hurado (Senior): I thinks it’s a cry for help. Those people want to be noticed.


  Emily Cox ( Junior):They were either made as a joke or for fear.


  Ashelyn  Lockard (Senior):To get people to harm themselves


Should parents be concerned?

  Lizbeth Hurado (Senior): I think parents should be concerned and start looking after their kids.


  Emily Cox ( Junior):Definitely, these challenges can cause serious damage.


  Ashelyn  Lockard (Senior):Yes, because that stuff is really messed up and there are kids out there who would do it and parents should be aware.

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