The situation in Iran and the student reaction

Car Soleimani was in at the time of the drone strike.

Car Soleimani was in at the time of the drone strike.

Max Adams, Staff reporter

America and Iran are currently at a tense time in their international diplomatic relationship with the death of the Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani due to an American drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport, and the retaliatory strikes done by Iran against two U.S military bases in Iraq with 11 soldiers being treated for minor injuries.

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Iranian Commander Qasem Soleimani

Many of the students here at Kamiakin have expressed their concerns on where these events can lead to in the near future, with worries of a conflict between Iran and the U.S being prevalent. These reactions to it have been over multiple issues and possibilities that can happen in the future. Some have stated that they worry about having to be a part of the conflict that could arise because of this, while some have said they believe that if conflict does arise from recent events then it won’t have an impact on their daily life, and some have talked about their worries of the conflict escalating.

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Damage caused by Iranian missile attack.

“What I’ve seen and what I’ve heard has made me feel uneasy and worry about what could happen in the future, but I personally don’t think that if something does happen in the future, it will have an effect on us here at Kamiakin,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous.

Not everyone thinks we can remained unscarred by this conflict if it escalates. Another anonymous student said, “A lot of people have been talking about what has been happening, and what I’ve heard on the news has made me kind of scared about what can happen. I worried about this possibility turning into a large conflict and that people are going to have be drafted into the military, and just the possibility that a war could break out is a scary idea to me.”

Of course some students know people in the military and are already concerned about that affecting loved ones. “I’m afraid about something happening because I have family in the military right now, and I am just afraid that they will most likely have to fight whatever conflict that could happen,” said another anonymous student.

Most students are not too worried about the conflict in the Middle East affecting them, and they think that it will pass soon. “I don’t think much will happen because of what’s going on right now, and I think that most people are getting scared about things that won’t mean much in the long run. I think that there are other things people should be focusing on right now, and that this won’t be talked about in about a week,” said an anonymous student.