Lawmakers in Olympia are debating on introducing a ban on assault weapons.

Max Adams, Staff Reporter

In Washington state’s capital of Olympia, lawmakers are debating on whether or not to make several new gun-related bills into new laws with some of the new bills ranging from banning large capacity magazines to creating a centralized background check system to restricting access ammunition to even banning the selling of assault weapons like the Ar-15 or AK-47. Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee have called for legislation to combat the mass shootings that Washington state has had happen, and any that could happen in the future.“In 2019, we saw more mass killings than any year on record, many using high-capacity magazines and assault weapons,” Ferguson told the press.

Support for these bills has also come from gun responsibility groups with spokeswoman, Kristen Ellingboe, for the Alliance for Gun Responsibility saying that she is hopeful for change in the near future when it comes to gun laws.

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Attorney General Bob Ferguson(left) and Governor Jay Inslee(Right)

Opposition to these proposed bills has arisen also with spokesman Dave Workman from the Second Amendment Foundation stating that “There’s a tendency to demonize the gun and the person who owns it instead of the bad guy who commits a crime.” He also says that the bill passed in 2018, Initiative 1639, which made it illegal for anyone under 21 years to purchase a semi-automatic rifle was a demonstration that the lawmakers were working under flawed definitions. For example, they and their backers targeted guns that looked more military grade instead of civilian, but ended up covering too broad a range of guns.  Image result for Dave workman second amendment foundation

Second Amendment Foundation spokesman Dave WorkmanHere is a list of all the proposed bills:

HB 1374/Local authority to regulate firearms
HB 1671/Disposing of confiscated firearms.
HB 2555/Concerning background check requirements for firearms classified as other under federal firearms laws.
HB 2241/ Bans “assault weapons”
SB 6077/Bans “large capacity magazines”
HB 2467/Creates centralized background check system
SB 6288/Establishing the Washington Office of Firearm Violence Prevention
HB 2519/Restricts access to ammunition
SB 6294/Concealed pistol license training requirements.
SB 6347/Extending expiration date for a concealed pistol license.
SB 6406/Concerning theft of firearms.
SB 6402/Concerning the use of a stolen firearm.
SB 6163/Concerning unlawful possession of firearms for persons free on bond or personal recognizance pending trial.

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