Homeless in Pasco could have permanent housing coming soon.

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Max Adams, Staff Reporter

The homeless in the Pasco area may be in for a surprise coming next year with plans by the local charity, Catholic Charities, holding a public forum to propose a 50 to 52 unit  housing complex designed to house the homeless. The housing is to be built on the eastern side of Heritage Boulevard. Funding for the housing project will come from the IRS/ Federal government and the Washington State Housing Trust fund. The president of Catholic Charities, Robert McCann, said, “You see a lot of mental health, a lot of addiction issues, a lot of people who have just lost relationship in their lives who have lost connections with other people. That’s what these projects are designed to do, to reconnect people with the community, to reconnect people with services that they need, especially medical services, and to integrate them back into the general public at Pasco.”

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It is currently being debated by the city of Pasco whether or not to approve funding for the housing project, and if funding is acquired for the project then estimates have it that the project shouldn’t be completed until September of 2021. The charity is holding more forums in order to increase public awareness of the project and hopefully gain supporters for the project.

Though this housing project is new to the Tri-Cities area, there have already been several set up in eastern Washington, such as the ones in Spokane and Yakima, with Catholic Charities stating that the area would benefit from such a project.

3D mock-up of the potential apartment.

This proposal has also garnered some opposition from Pasco residents in the neighborhood where it’s to be set up with some residents citing that housing could impact their privacy, it could negatively impact the value of their property, and it could potential bring other problems to the neighborhood. Resident Demetris Kinsey has raised the question of why the charity can’t pick somewhere else in Pasco for the housing, and that he doesn’t want what he sees as the exploitation of the homeless for profit in his neighborhood.