Senior deadlines approaching faster than you think.


-Photo taken by Taya Questad

Maximus Adams, Staff Reporter

Seniors have a lot of pressure their last year of school. In fact, there are deadlines looming that are very important: state tests, the needed 20-24 class credits to graduate, and community service hours are just a few of the major deadlines coming up in their path to graduation.

Though these are some of the major deadlines needed in order, there are other deadlines that should be just as important. Here are a few:

Oct. 31: Senior pictures and quotes for yearbook.

The deadline for seniors’ pictures and quotes in this year’s yearbook is coming up on us fast. With the scheduled date of October 30th only eight days away, it is important that every senior make it their priority to get both their picture and quote into yearbook soon. To send in your senior photo and quote you only need to send an email to [email protected] with both your picture and quote attached to it.  

November: Fill out the FAFSA for consideration for financial aid to the college of your choice. To walk through this process, here is a video from College Board:

October-December: Apply to the college of your choice. Many of their deadlines are Dec. 1. You need to write your essays and fill out the applications.

November: Take the SAT another time. This also increases your chances for financial aid and college acceptance.

November-December: Ask counselors to send your transcripts to the colleges of your choice.


Example of Cap and Tassel



The time to get your caps, gowns, and tassels at Kamiakin has unfortunately passed as the last time to get them here was scheduled on October 8th during lunch, but don’t worry because you are still able to get it online. You just have to go to the company that makes the caps, gowns, and tassels, Jostens, website On the website you have to fill the usual information you would put in regularly: Your height, your weight, your address, your payment information, and if you’re getting anything else. 

Picture of two students from last year in Cap and Gown. -Photo taken by Taya Questad

Some of the seniors here at Kamiakin give their opinions on how they feel about cap and gown deadlines when it comes to ordering them here at Kamiakin:

“I wish that they would give us more of heads up when the people would be here for physical ordering but I was still able to make my order.” -Zane Greg.

“I thought the time they decided to have the physical ordering at Kamiakin was short, but I understand why they did it and I was still able to get my order in.” -Kaleb Durham.

“Deadlines are always stressful and the ordering of the cap and gown is no exception, but you just have to work through it and get your information in and it will work out fine.” -Alex Osborne