Weekly spirit on display

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Weekly spirit on display

Maximus Adams, Staff reporter

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Getting students involved in school events and making them proud to be here at Kamiakin is important to the staff and members of ASB (Associated Student Body). They work together to make it so students here know what is planned for each week ,and making them excited to participate in any of those events. One of these events was homecoming, and to get people excited for it, the students in ASB used the event of spirit week. Each day in the week leading up to homecoming had its own special theme. Monday was college gear day. Tuesday was dress to impress. Wednesday was class colors. Thursday was twin day, and Friday was themed after Run Kano. 

College gear went first and was designed to get people interested in college by having them wear the clothes (jackets, shirts, jerseys) of their favorite colleges. 

Dress to impress was the second planned day with idea of students dressing in their very best and look their most professional.

Class colors was third and the main idea behind it was each class level (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and staff) had their own colors that they were to wear. The colors were arranged in white for freshmen, black for sophomores, yellow for juniors, red for seniors, and gray for staff.

Thursday was twin day, and two or more students were to wear the same or similar outfits ,and become each other’s twin. With both staff and students participating in full force, this was one of the most popular days in the week.

Friday was themed after Run Kano where people were to wear the school gear to show off their pride in being a Kamiakin Brave. 

“I know a lot of kids can’t participate in spirit week, but I’m glad with how it turned out and how we were able to get a good turnout at homecoming because of it,” said Matthew Luttrell, Math teacher and adviser for ASB.