Artist visits Kamiakin Oct. 25

Brittney Sieffert


Clara Hillyer

Mark Fearing holding one of his books

  On Oct. 25 our school welcomed a well known author/ illustrator, Mark Fearing. Fearing started his career at the age of 16 but discovered his love for illustration at a young age. When Fearing was in high school, he had no idea how to become an author or illustrator but knew he loved to draw.
Fearing is also a commercial artist and has worked for big companies like Dreamworks, Sony, and Disney. On his career timeline he has designed game show logos for Sony pictures. He also co-owned an animation business with one of his friends, but his business later on was bought by another big company.
Some of Fearings’ favorite things to draw include aliens and monsters. As an illustrator, Fearing starts his drawings with a pencil and paper. He then transfers his work on to a computer. He uses Photoshop for painting [coloring] his art. His drawings depend on what age group he is presenting to. Younger age groups [kindergarten] usually have a flatter drawing since young children experience difficulties seeing particular items [shaped like structures]. He gave some advice to younger artists saying, “If you are trying to get better at drawing, draw more.”
Fearing’s first book he ever wrote was called ‘The little boat.’ Nine years later, he is now working on a total of 16 books and has an agent to control all of his work.His agent has sold a total of three books for him. Fearing is glad that he has produced enough books so he is able to have an agent. Fearing is happy to be doing what he is doing now.
During the presentation, Fearing conversed with the audience and talked about his job being stressful, but he stated that he loves it so much and hopes to do it for as long as he can.