Schools Finals Effecting Students Mental Health? Q&A

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor


  1. How stressed do finals make you, and why?
  2. How much time do you spend on studying?
  3. Do you get enough sleep during finals?
  4. Do you ever have time during finals to save your mental health and have a social life?
  5. How much do you have to isolate yourself for finals, and why?



Brittney Hartshorn (Sophomore)

  1. “Very because I don’t like getting bad grades, and it makes me worry that I will fail and then feel bad about myself.”
  2. “I spend all the time that I can to study after school (6-7 hours).”
  3. “No because my mind doesn’t take any breaks leaving me with insomnia.”
  4. “I part myself from a social life, the week before and of finals, but I like to light incense or set my diffuser to de-stress myself.”
  5. “I try to isolate myself completely from everything so that my main focus can be passing with a good grade.”


Kaici Wagner (Sophomore)

  1. “Finals actually stresses me out quite a bit. I’d say it only does because I have to remember and memorize everything I learned from six different classes in 170 days and apply them to specialized tests that, to the school, show what I learned. The idea that a score on a test, a ‘final’, measures my intelligence stresses me out.”
  2. “I’ve spent the last week and a half studying. In and out of class. I still feel as though it won’t be enough.”
  3. “I definitely do not get enough sleep, but that’s okay. I just have to get through a week of torture and then I can try to get my sleep schedule back to normal.”
  4. “The weekend before finals is packed with studying. The weekend after finals is packed with worrying and second guessing myself. I probably won’t have the mentality to even hang out with my friends after school much this week.”
  5. “I honestly try not to isolate myself too much, just when I’m studying. But, studying occurs all the time during finals week.”


Blake Gilbert (Sophomore)

  1. “I’m a little stressed but not too much because most of my classes right now are pretty easy to me.”
  2. “Some to no studying at all.”
  3. “Probably no, but it’s the same amount of sleep I get every day anyways.”
  4. “Yeah, I can manage to still hang out with friends. It just makes it a little more difficult.”
  5. “I don’t really isolate myself too much for finals at all mainly because I just don’t worry much about it.”


Jase Wistisen (Senior)

  1. “Since I have a full schedule, having to study for that many classes is always stressful. Given, some teachers do their best to make it a bit easier, but some don’t really care either way.”
  2. “I spend my time in class and at home studying as much as I can. If you were to put that in perspective, about six plus hours just trying to make sure I understand the subject enough. I’m not pulling my hair out while taking the test.”
  3. “Absolutely not. Between six hours of school, any assignment given, work, and chores I have to do on a daily basis… a man could only dream to get the recommended amount of sleep for my age. I’d be lucky if I got a good six hours of sleep.”
  4. “Not really. The only ‘social time’ I have is friends coming together struggling and asking for help so they don’t fail the semester. Typically, though, I make time for my mental health to make sure I don’t go completely off the rocks.”
  5. “I tend to isolate myself quite a bit when it comes to finals. Mostly because studying with others distracts me and I can become snappy when under tremendous stress, so I tend to keep to myself.”


Darrien Lockard (Junior)

  1. “Not very because I don’t really care about them. I don’t look to study and try as long as I have a good grade.”
  2. “Very little, depending on the subject.”
  3. “I get sleep just as much as I normally would during school.”
  4. “I can have a social life, but mental health time is a little squeezed.”
  5. “Not at all.”


Makayla Bettendorf (Senior)

  1. “Finals makes me very stressed because it’s a big part of my grade. It can either fail or save me. It’s just a week of testing, and that’s very scary if you’re not good at testing.”
  2. “I spend two hours every other day studying.”
  3. “I do not get enough sleep during finals. I get about four to five hours of sleep a night during finals.”
  4. “I never really have time during school to save my mental health. Finals is even worse. My mental health goes down the toilet.”
  5. “Honestly, I isolate myself due to mental health from school. So, I isolate myself way more than I usually do during finals.”