Students cling to different timely traditions during the holidays

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Students cling to different timely traditions during the holidays

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

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1: When did you first start putting up your Christmas decorations?

2: How long ago did you start listening to Christmas music?

3: Is Christmas your favorite holiday, and why?

4: What is your favorite Christmas song, and why?

5: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?



Kaici Wagner (sophomore)

1: “The day right after Thanksgiving.”

2: “I don’t like Christmas music, but I did hear a Christmas song on the radio last night.”

3: “No, it isn’t my favorite holiday. I actually love Halloween and find it much more enjoyable.”

4: “I don’t like Christmas music, but if I had to pick one it would be ‘Winter Wonderland’  because my grandmother listened to it a lot when I was younger and she was around.”

5: “My favorite Christmas tradition would be when my dad’s family gets together and we hand out gifts and open them one at a time in a circle all while watching the movie ‘ELF’ and eating homemade cookies.”


Chloe Hodge (senior)

1: “RIGHT AFTER Halloween.”

2: “Right after Halloween.”

3: “Yes, it’s just so joyous all around and I love everything about it honestly.”

4: “‘Last Christmas’– it is such a bop and I love how it is a little different than traditional Christmas music but it still gives you a joyful feeling whenever you listen to it.”

5: “Christmas music the day right after Halloween.”


Brandon Waguespack (senior)

1: “A couple of days ago actually, about the 10th of December.”

2: “On Oct. 20.”

3: “Yeah, it is my favorite holiday because I have happy memories of Christmas, and it is a happy time for me when I get to hang out with my family.”

4: “‘Last Christmas’, by Wham.”

5: “The Christmas dinner, every last bit of it.”


Araceli Lozano (grad from 2019)

1: “December second.”

2: “November twenty-fifth.”

3: “YESSS!!! I loveeee to see the Christmas lights every year! And, all of my family.”

4: “‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ because when listening to it; it reminds me of the times spent around the Christmas tree on Christmas day, surrounded by all my loved ones.”

5: “It’d have to be eating chocolate covered cherries with my great grandmother or wearing matching pj’s with my cousin!”