Mr. Graham kisses an animal for cancer

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Mr. Graham kisses an animal for cancer

Taya Questad, Editor-in-chief

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Last week the results of Pink Week came in. Although the student body didn’t raise as much as last year, they still raised $2,000 as a whole. We didn’t even come near our goal.

But we did raise more than Chiawana and Kennewick High did. Our goal was to raise money to give to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. Kamiakin’s ASB team thought of a bunch of ideas to get kids to want to donate, and they came down to a teacher kissing an animal.

ASB adviser Matthew Luttrell sent out an email to the staff members at Kamiakin asking them if they wanted to participate in this event. The whole idea of the fundraiser was the more money we raise the more extravagant the animal would be. For example, if we reached $6,000, we would have had the teacher that won kiss a donkey. How this worked was our ASB team went to their assigned classes and dropped off envelopes and the kid would get a slip of paper and say what teacher they are putting it towards and how much money they put towards that teacher. Then at the end of the period, our ASB team would go and pick up the envelope and it would have the money and the slips. Each day our ASB team would count it and report to the students how much money we had made that day and in total how much we raised. The higher the amount of money, the more extravagant animal it would be.

At the beginning of the week, we had 12 teachers ready to kiss the animal and as the week went on, the ASB team eliminated teacher that were far behind. The last day of fundraising it was a close race between two teachers, Mr. Graham and English teacher Chris Hamilton.

With each teacher raising over $200, the final day making it a close one, Mr. Graham finished in the lead. Since we as student body only raised $2,000, Mr. Graham only had to kiss a dog.

The kissing of the animal took place in the court yard during lunch. They waited about 5 minutes for students to come gather around and  watch. Then the kissing happened. There was a good amount of students that showed up to watch Mr. Graham kiss an animal.

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