How to build the city of the future/ Kamiakin Robotics


Maximus Adams, Staff Writer

Kamiakin robotics team is active again at our school this year and will accept new members who want to experience what it is like to invent and make new things. The group meets in teacher Doug Reppe’s room every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school.

Every year the team creates a robot for an annual competition involving schools on a national level. Washington represents itself well in this national competition, sending quite a few teams. This year’s competition is shaping up to be just as big as previous years with the competition calling for each school’s robotics team to create a robot that could help make the city of tomorrow. This robot will have to be able to transport a multitude of blocks from one area to the other and create a tower out of the blocks when it gets there. The robots that can transport the most blocks and then build the highest tower will be awarded the highest number of points in the competition. For more information on this year’s rules and features, view the video above.

The robotics team is already on the job this year with a prototype of the robot’s base being tested. They are confident that their design will win this year’s competition but are still eager to get more skilled people on the team. If you feel as though you contribute your ideas to the robot project, you can come visit room 400 on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday after school. You can also come to the room during lunch on days other than Wednesday and ask Reppe about joining the team. The team is always eager to welcome new members. Just think: you could be the next Bill Gates.