Class of 2019

Taya Questad, reporter

The class of 2019 graduated on Saturday, June 8. They made their mark on their school and community. On June 8, they illustrated this in many ways.

There was a total of 13 valedictorians and two salutatorians, each giving a speech about their school years from preschool all the way up to the 12th grade. These speeches illustrated how much they have grown throughout the years. Now they are ready, ready to move on and create new experiences and adventures whereever they may end up.

The thrill they get when they hear their fellow students call their name to get their diploma is what makes that dream of graduating so real. When they shake the principal’s hand, they know they have finally arrived at the finish line.

Graduates will scatter all over the globe, with several students joining the armed forces, several going on missions for their church, and some even taking a leap year to travel the world. Most though, will attend various colleges throughout the country in the fall.

At Kamiakin, students are given the special privilege of walking with their best friends, some of whom have been close since elementary school days. They walk in groups of four, and they experience this great moment with their closest pals.

Although many seniors said that the hall they waited in was very hot and sweaty, it still was the best of the best experience they had in high school.

This year there were a total of three foreign exchange students who walked with our seniors. Sadly two of the foreign exchange students were not able to walk with them. These kids came from other countries speaking another language and wanting to experience life in America.  At graduation they all said Kamiakin’s motto, “Be the best you can be” in their native language for us to hear.

We are thankful to know these kids and are wishing them the best in the far future.