Perfect Prom assembly


Meriah Rodriguez

Senior Prom royalty Jadehn Johnson and Alexa Hazel.

Meriah Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

With Prom around the corner and all of our votes cast, the time is finally here for Prom’s royalty to be announced at the 2019 prom assembly.

After underclassman royalty was announced,the 2019 senior class prom royalty was Jadehn Johnson and Alexa Hazel.  

Meriah Rodriguez
Beautiful Folkloric dancers pose  

Other major highlights were the Cinco de Mayo Baile folklórico tribute, a highly choreographed traditional Mexican dance. Young lady Braves wore colorful flowing dresses as they performed for all of Kamiakin.

Also, Brian Klos and Emily Griffin performed an amazing Disney movie “Frozen” love song remix. It was a big hit.  Their performance was a precursor to the royalty announcements and  provided a unique segue. Mrs. Griffin wore an Ana costume dress, and Mr. Klos wore dress pants and shoes, a white button up, and black suspenders to top it all off. 

However, the biggest twist was yet to be seen. The assembly was coming to an end, but not before the

“Cupid Shuffle- Cupid” played over the speakers as all present students, teachers and staff were invited to come down to the center of the gym and dance. The large-formed crowd was full of energy and made people excited about participating.

Meriah Rodriguez