Lights, dancing, and fun memories made at Sadie’s Dance

Maddie Briggs, Sports Editor

Students don’t realize the work that goes into planning a dance like Sadie’s. After have some meetings, the ASB finally came up with this year’s Sadie’s theme and had several ideas for the dance. After narrowing down the list, they finally voted on the Netflix theme idea which became the theme for the Feb. 2 Sadie’s dance. Next they had to start promoting the dance.

This year there weren’t as many posters about the upcoming dance, and ASB took a more social approach and advertised the dance when it was a while away. But as the dance got closer they started putting up posters about the dance and the spirit week challenges all over campus.

ASB also brainstormed spirit week themes and took time narrowing down a list of ideas and had lots of votes to narrow down the five spirit week themes. Sophomore ASB adviser Brandee Veitenheimer said, “I personally like Throwback Thursday (decade day)…I dressed up as the 80s.”

With Sadie’s dance coming up, Veitenheimer was impressed with how the ASB students had a great routine for setting up for the dance and didn’t come up with any issue with setting up the decorations.

Veitenheimer thought that the Sadie’s dance went great and was glad with the results. “We spent a lot of time planning and making sure all the details were worked out, so it was nice to see it pay off,” she said.

With 243 tickets sold, the night became a great success when the dance floor began to fill up. “It took a bit for the students to get warmed up, but by the end, the dance floor was packed,” said Veitenheimer.

“Sadie’s was super fun! I had a really awesome date that made the night full of laughs. The best part of the dance was probably all the throwback songs the DJ played!” said senior Moana Larsen.

Veitenheimer was impressed and thought it was awesome for how much people dressed up in great costumes, but by far she loved senior Jim Mohlman’s costume and thought his Napoleon Dynamite look was spot on.

Overall, the Sadie’s dance this year beat the ones from the previous years, according to general consensus around campus. Students liked the music better, the theme, and the fun earphones they got to wear to the dance.