The aftermath of the C-Virus

Imogen Santoyo, Staff Reporter

There are people in everyday life who are scared of one word. This Word is tagged along with other words such as, Breast, Prostate, Melanoma, Colon , Lung and Cervical. This Word is scary to most people because it requires a doctor to determine IF you will make it to the other side of the Word. Often though, the doctor will have to reluctantly tell the patient how long they have to live. They give the patient the end mark to their life. This Word holds a lot of power over the average person. The Word is Cancer.

  People are affected by cancer whether it’s themselves, family or friend, even teacher. Cancer can affect not just one person’s life. It affects many lives of those surrounded by the person or people who are diagnosed with the C-Virus.

  Eighteen years ago today, teacher Joyce Donais was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Mrs. Donais was affected deeply. She had a cone biopsy and a hysterectomy. After being cured, she views herself as a strong individual and that if a person can go through a trauma, they can go through a lot. She learned that you shouldn’t take things for granted and to always be thankful for the small things in life.

  Besides Mrs.Donais,  student Aundrea Hallman’s great grandpa had larynx or voice box cancer. She said her family completely supported his choice of treatment which was having his larynx taken out so the way he now communicates is by a speech machine, or his whiteboard. After finding out that he had larynx cancer, she viewed life as too short so accomplish as much as possible.

   Another courageous survivor is Nicole St. Martins. She had osteosarcoma. She said having this cancer brought out her personality, made her more caring and mature. It made her have a variety of friends and not stick to just one group. Her treatment was chemotherapy, and her outlook on life is that life is more precious than it actually is. “Going through something like that, you realize how much you depend on things,” she said.

  Having the C-Virus is frightening but also after the battle, people realize how beautiful life truly is. These survivors cherish every day they have because they know how fast it can be when your whole world falls underneath you. These survivors encourage and influence others that strength is the true definition of beauty.