G.S.A finally overcomes barriers to achieve non-curricular club status

Addison Fountain, Staff Reporter

The GSA Club (Gay Straight Alliance) is new, and it looks like it may overcome barriers to be a non-curricular club. The club, made up of about 20 people, has had barriers placed in its way while trying to become a club. In fact, the group has existed at our school for a couple of years unofficially and is just now completing the process to becoming a non-curricular club. “The process to become a club is complicated with lots of paperwork, and a lot if people aren’t aware of the process or understand the rules,” said club adviser Chris Hamilton.

The club is in the process of becoming official and many students are wondering what the purpose the club has in the Kamiakin community. “I think its a place for people in the LGBT community to feel safe and to be themselves and have somewhere to go that’s away from all the hate and bullying and awkwardness of not being accepted as being themselves, but being there no one will make fun of them. They’ll be accepted for who they are. No matter who they are or what they identify as, they’ll be supported,” said sophomore Kolton Starcher.

This club may help boost LGBT acceptance. “It could help people boost their confidence and make them feel like they can be themselves at school instead of fake themselves to be how others want them to be,” said Starcher. Many believe this club will be great for our school and help make students feel better supported.

To be in the club, students don’t have to be part of the LGBT community. They can be straight, too. In fact, the straight people who join show the other students that they support them and their choices. They offer a hand of friendship where those who have been part of the community may have felt none. Students who are interested in this club may join the meetings. They meet every Monday at lunch.

Fighting the rigorous process of becoming a club, the GSA club is excited to become official