Alexa and Katie comes out with a season three

Photo taken from Twitter @ AlexaAndKatie

Photo taken from Twitter @ AlexaAndKatie

Taya Questad, Editor-in-chief

The Netflix original show Alexa and Katie drop a season three. This season takes a different rout then the rest of the seasons. Season one shows their friendship and Alexa going through her cancer treatments. It tells Alexa’s story of how she has cancer but it also shows Katie’s story of how she is living with a single Mom and little brother. Season one showed us how strong their friendships is. Season 2 shows Alexa finishing her treatments and both girls finding love interest and how that even though boys came into the picture to doesn’t mean their friendship needs to change or go away.

Season 3 started out with them sitting in a counselors office talking about their fight they had. The season shows that there will be bumps in the road when you go on along journey with someone. has its up and its downs.

Alexa and Katie start out the season becoming juniors in high school. It shows Katie doing pretty much anything to get scholarships and Alexa told her that she wouldn’t go to college without her best friend. There is drama with Alexa trying to learn to drive and Katie wanting to break up with her boyfriend. Alexa goes on a lot of drives but doesn’t seem to be getting any better. While Katie doesn’t want to hurt her boyfriends feelings so it takes her a while to actually do it.

This show is full of drama and exciting adventures between two best friends who aren’t your typical girls. If someone liked shows like this and wanted something to watch i would totally recommend this television show to them. This show gives you a real eye opener to the world around you. I would rate this a 4 out of 5 stars.