“The Swedish Models” a new unique band

The Swedish Models, song:

The Swedish Models

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

For being a new and up coming band their music sounds very professional. The only issue I found with some of the songs was that the instrumental was sometimes the same volume as the singing if not louder so I found it hard to hear what was being sung sometimes. I personally am not a big fan of the bands music, it is great music. I know of a lot of people who really enjoy this type of music, someone who I had listen to it stated that it sounded kind of like “British Pop music”.

Every song I felt had a different feeling to it. Some songs I felt shared some of the same ideas and feelings. Some descriptions of the songs individually:

“Nooners”: It most definitely was a feel good song, it felt like it was about a long term relationship that was going well and they were really good together. They spend a lot of time together and stay up late on the phone. It was a good dance song with an upbeat tune and a bit bouncy.

“How Long”: This song is more about what felt like a friendship. It had moments of sounding day dreamy, then moments of being up beat, while all at the same time has bits in the song that are emotional. It really goes through the ups and down of a crazy friendship, it brings out the change that is felt between the two and how the friendship felt lost and he wanted it back. Their friend meant a lot to them and I really think that comes through is this song.

“Main Attraction”: This song was a bit confusing, I wasn’t quite sure what was trying to be brought through but it is a really good song if you want to just sit, vibe, and not think about too much. It seems very mysterious and has a couple upbeat jamming out moments.

“Trucks on the Ramps”: What felt like an up beat tune with a bouncy back drop. Even though it has that feel to it, it seems like it is about something more serious based on the lyrics. The lyrics seemed to say that it was about a person in the song writers life that had choices they had to make. It felt like it provoked a lot of energy.

“Instead of Trying”: This song joined the category of sad songs. I couldn’t understand much in this song but it seemed like the girl was using him for herself and his money. A very one sided relationship appeared.

These songs among many others evoked many different emotions. A lot of them had a bouncy fun feel to them and a few provoked a kind of sad feeling. For being a new band it was amazing to be able to hear all the emotions these songs carry with them. I highly suggest listening to this bands album.

To listen to some of their songs, click this link The Swedish Models