“Knives Out” a well played out murder mystery

Regal Crown Club

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

“Knives Out” is a very comical, well thought out murder mystery. Harlem Thrombey is the very wealthy mystery-writing novelist, dad of Linda Drysdale, owner of a real-estate firm. Drysdale’s husband is Richard Drysdale. They had their son, Ransom Drysdale. Thrombey had two other kids, one being Joni Thrombey’s husband who had died 15 years prior making her married into the family. They had their daughter, Meg Thrombey. The second child is Walt Thrombey. He was put in charge and taken out of charge of Harlem’s publishing company. He had married Donna Thrombey and they had their son Jacob Thrombey. Harlem had a house maid named Fran and he also had a medical assistant who was his friend that he told all of his family secrets to. Her name was Marta Cabrera. She was Harlem’s confidant and best friend.

This is where the murder mystery began. Harlem was found dead with his throat sliced open in his “hidden room” by Fran. Two police men were brought to the house-Lieutenant Elliot and Trooper Wagner. Their job was to solve the case, but someone in the family had anonymously paid for Benoit Blanc, a private detective, to come find out the cause of Harlem’s death or suicide. While everyone was grieving, at the same time, they were all slowly inching their way towards what they wanted of Harlem’s fortune. Linda and Richard wanted the house. Joni and Ransom wanted his money, while Walt wanted the entirety of Harlem’s publishing and book company. When Harlem’s will was read, nobody received what they had wanted nor did any of them get anything. The question is who did.

The case was being solved, and very slowly at that. One of Harlem’s grand kids was held responsible for the hiring of Detective Blanc, and the same grandchild was held responsible for the death of Fran the maid. The same grandchild again was responsible for trying to frame someone else for Harlem’s death. But who uncovered it all?

This movie was a very well played out murder mystery. The actors all played their roles very well in the sense that they all made it very difficult to predict the ending. It had twists and turns that were never expected. The scenes that had moved from past to present were seamless and showed no fault. If you are good at predictions and can pay very close attention, you may be able to predict the ending of this horrid story.