Disney Plus’s unexpected glitch

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

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Disney has just made a ground breaking discovery: the grand idea of a streaming system for anything that Disney has made or anything from companies Disney owns including National Geographic, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. Now I think we all can agree that at least one of those companies, or multiple, contains a large amount of all our childhoods, all ranging from, The Simpsons, Disney Princesses, The Mickey Mouse Club House, Winnie the Pooh, and much much more. It was raging all over social media and on TV commercials, bringing in a giant line up of people who were just ready to try it out.

Everyone was super excited to watch all of their Disney classics and more. The only problem was that Disney’s streaming system was not ready for the large amount of followers it collected. That creates another issue. How did Disney not know or predict that it would get such a large following? Because when the large amount of people decided to log into the Disney childhood experience, the system crashed. As people sat down on their couches, laid on their beds, and curled up with their blankets to watch their favorite shows or movies by hitting play, it all froze and would not let them continue. Some people could not even access their accounts. Or people had gotten stuck on numerous other places within the streaming service, either on their phones or television.

Disney made a post on twitter about the crash of the service saying, “The demand for #DisneyPlus has exceeded our highest expectations. We are so pleased you’re all excited to watch all your favorites and are working quickly to resolve any current issues. We appreciate your patience.”

Needless to say, people responded with the #DisneyPlusFail and calling Disney out for claiming the launch response exceeded expectations, but how could they not have been prepared for it being as big a corporation as they are.

On a better note, the service has been fixed and hopefully for good. There are still a few kinks to work out but they should be gone in no time. Have fun and go watch all the Disney Plus content till your heart is content.

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