Moving to the beat… saber

Maximus Adams, Staff reporter

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‘Beat Saber’ is a virtual reality game created by Beat Games and is a game about hitting fast moving colored blocks to the beat of songs. The game comes with songs already on it when you get it, but more can be either purchased as DLC or modded into the game among other features. Though the game is overall simplistic in its design, it is still able to hold a large amount of depth in its gameplay, and it always offers players a chance to get better at the game with even the best players able to improve their technique.

When a person is playing, it always feels like they’re getting better and it feels extremely rewarding to go from only being able to finish a song on normal to completing multiple songs on expert+ with little effort.

The game is one of the best games on VR right now with a big community of players who are adding more and more content to the game with each passing day. Whatever your favorite song is, there is a huge chance that someone has made a mod to add it to the game. With song categories ranging from pop and hip hop to rock and metal, there is always a song for you.

The game is great to play no matter if you’re by yourself or if you have a large group of people around to watch you. Its easy to learn but hard to master controls lend the game to being a great choice for when you have a group of friends over and want to take turns playing something. 

‘Beat Saber’ is an all around great experience for anyone, whether they’re just getting into VR games or have been playing VR for the past few years. Also, players have the chance to get into with a great community as well. You can get into the game no matter who you are and still have tons of enjoyment.

If you also want to get into the game here at Kamiakin, then you should come to room 400 where tech usually has the game running each day during lunch.