‘Blood Meridian’ an exciting new read

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‘Blood Meridian’ an exciting new read

Seth WhiteCrane, Staff Reporter

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The fifth book by American author Cormac McCarthy, ‘Blood Meridian’ exemplifies his best writing and is considered by many to be a classic piece of literature.

Set in the mid-1800s, ‘Blood Meridian’ is a tale of the early American west and its rapidly expanding territory.

‘Blood Meridian’ follows a young man referred to only as “the kid” and his journey to the west. The story primarily focuses on the kid and his relationship with an increasingly mysterious and frightening character known as the Judge.

Described as being seven feet tall, pale, and completely hairless, the Judge is the antagonist and centerpiece of ‘Blood Meridian.’ He haunts the kid everywhere he goes and embodies the most terrifying aspects of the book.

‘Blood Meridian’ is heavily inspired by many literary classics sharing similar writing, themes, and characters with and frequently alluding to works such as ‘The Bible’ and epics ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘Paradise Lost.’

The book combines and builds upon these stories, creating a unique and stirring read, cementing itself among them as a classic. Its writing includes clear and interesting descriptions of the landscape and setting which engages the reader’s imagination. The writing style is epic which makes the book sound very classic like the other works it alludes to.

‘Blood Meridian’ reads like a bad dream and some may find it hard to get through.
But the reader will be rewarded for their effort with a skillfully written tale of the west featuring a compelling cast of characters, a wonderful start and finish, thought provoking passages, and a unique experience you won’t find reading any other book.