MIB 4 Movie Review

Emily McKinnon, Opinion Editor

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MIB 4 was a very entertaining action-filled movie. It had many well developed characters. You were able to distinguish them by name fairly early into the movie, and you could understand their personalities. There were a few under-developed characters, but you get to know them later in the movie. The movie was filled with a bunch of sarcastic humor and even shone a light on feminism through the main character.

The main character, named Molly, had been immersed in finding and becoming a member of the Men in Black ever since she was a child. This was because a Tehranchian had escaped into Molly’s home, and Molly had helped it escape to save its life. Ever since then Molly had been obsessed with the Men in Black.

But, on the topic of “men”. When Molly had grown older and finally found them she had questioned why it was just called the “Men” in Black. But she was the main and really only to show any feminism humor. On the other hand their was plenty of sarcastic humor. The sarcastic humor came mainly from a little green alien creature named Pawney, MIB agent H and, MIB agent C. But the sarcasm doesn’t stop their it also comes through in many other characters.

The movie also contains emotional and trusting conflicts. With some agent to agent lies and betrayals. Agent H has fallen in and out of love with a woman named Riza. Riza is an intergalactic arms dealer who is only after what Molly has and wants nothing to do with H anymore. On top of all of this drama there was a mole in the MIB agency and it was getting highly classified aliens killed like Vungus. Vungus was the alien that introduced the foreign purple object that was wanted by Riza and many more. This purple object turned out to be a compressed star gun that could destroy anything and everything. It also became the biggest conflict in the whole movie.