Shazam Movie

Rucy Questad, Opinion Editor

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Shazam is a superhero movie. The first scan is about a little boy who is being bullied by his father and older brother when suddenly he finds himself in a dark cave. He is asked if he is pure of heart and worthy of the wizards power. The boy is put to the test and fails.

  Many years later that same wizard is still looking for someone to take over for him, but the demands he has locked up finally escape. He has no choice but to go with the next guy which turns out to be 14-year-old Billy Batson. What he didn’t know is that once he accepted the power he would suddenly be in a body of a 25 year old. He doesn’t know how to change it so he thinks I he is stuck. He goes back to the group home and is helped by his foster sibling.

 While he tries to figure out how to use his power he is being attacked by demons and his foster family is in danger. This movie is rally funny but not for everyone because there is some scenes that are gruesome. But otherwise this movie is recommended to people who love superhero movies and lots of humor.

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