Photography as an art definitely lives at our school

Dakota Stevens, Staff Reporter

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When you think of art, the first thing that people think about is painting, but there is more to art than just paper and paint. Other art forms that people excel in include ceramics, design, and photography. This school has a very talented photography class with many great photographers.
Senior Max Oakley is a photography student here, and he got his love for photography from his uncle. When asked his inspiration, he said, “I grew up in the city and want to portray that in every photo I take.”
Looking at Oakley’s photos, I can definitely see a city vibe coming off of them.
When I look at the photos by Oakley, what I notice first is the concept of the photo because every one of his photos has its own concept. Another thing I notice is the amazing use of colors and lighting. It really helps set the mood of the photo.
When asked what he hopes to do in the future with his photography, Oakley said, “My uncle is a photographer, so I hope to travel with him.”
Since most of Oakley’s photos are based on city landscapes, travel will add to his style. It will be exciting to see his future work, as a result.

Another thing to admire about Oakley’s photos is the photo manipulation in Photoshop. Oakley can literally set snow on fire and make a nice sunny day look like a cold snowy night.
It has helped Oakley to have his uncle as his mentor and teacher. He said about of his photography skills and knowledge, “I learned most of them from my uncle.”
All in all, Oakley’s photos are great and really stand out among the photography class, and it will be exciting to see his work in the future.



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