‘Sherlock’ a great modern adaptation of the classic

The Adventure and Mystery Series



Sherlock Holmes and John Watson seen in a special feature of the TV series in Victorian Era.

Meriah Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Looking for a new show to binge watch with your boo while drinking hot cocoa and wrapped in cozy blankets for spooky season? If you have a knack for British accents and mysteries, watch the TV series ‘Sherlock Holmes’ available on Netflix.

  The show ‘Sherlock’ is a British crime drama television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. Taking place on Baker Street, London, the series is primarily filmed in Cardiff, Wales. However the series is present day whereas the original stories of Sherlock set in the Victorian era. 

  Having finished the series in the span of a week, I for one can vouch for the jaw-dropping, tear-jerking action and thrill evoked from the brilliant mind of the witty main character Sherlock and his tough assistant John H. Watson.

  Sherlock’s fiending for stimulation of his high-functioning sociopathic brain and John’s itch for a war-like atmosphere makes them the perfect duo, as the two best friends remarkably manage to solve the seemingly unsolvable.

  Sherlock, who has a genius older brother with a high status in the English parliament, a mathematician for a mother, and no love of history, has the memory capacity to recall what would be background music shortly forgotten to an average person at anytime he deems it necessary, observably picking and choosing what he stores in his “mind palace” to use to his beckoning as he does with the police, his best friend, his brother, his landlord, anyone who owes him favors, the homeless, and anything in between. He notices the smallest details and yet he is clueless to the obvious and common social encounter. He doesn’t know how to comfort a grieving person, but he can take down an entire international criminal network.

  John is much easier to understand. A war vet who’s had his fair share of death and violence, John has extensive knowledge from his medical background as well as admirable hand-to-hand combat skills. Short-tempered and sensitive, he is a polar opposite and frankly the missing half to Sherlock. The family of John is never introduced but mentioned once in the beginning of season one, as he isn’t good at relationships. At one time in the series, John went through so many girlfriends he couldn’t tell their conversations apart.

  John grows attached to Sherlock. At a point he showed he was willing to die if it meant saving his closest friend. Their relationship takes many plunges off the deep end, yet they can’t manage without the other. In many cases, Sherlock takes on the role of a child, John being the sensible adult. John writes of their mysterious accounts with psycho murderous villains and investigations in a blog, which eventually makes him a famous writer, and Sherlock an icon and the center of fandoms.

  The danger is the drug. Like all drugs, it can be fatal. The dead still have a voice, the living is already dead, nothing is meaningless, and the end is always threatening. Quite literally there are many cliffhangers, ghosts of the past, and dodged bullets. If this is your cup of tea, they drink plenty. I mean, it takes place in England.