Two tales, one email

Maddie Briggs, Sports Editor

Jennifer Smith’s ‘This is What Happy Looks Like’ goes over the possibilities of the thought of love at first sight.

Smith made what could have been a cliche love story about how a guy and girl fall head over heels with each other. Instead she crafted it into a different, more unique style. This style makes it into a major page turner trapped in a world between two very different people.

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The story is about a lost boy from California and a girl from Maine who find each other and fall in love. 

It all started when Graham typed in the wrong email address and sent it to Ellie instead of his pig walker as he thought. They continued emailing each other constantly after that first email, calling each other E and G. they emailed about regular things that slowly built up their virtual friendship.  

Graham is new to the whole acting career but already has a huge fan base all over America. He is struggling to have a normal life, being chased by paparazzi, monitored online by people interested in having their next show or film, and dealing with fans like screaming fan girls. He half regrets signing up for the play that helped set up his acting career.

When Graham is emailing E, this gives him a taste of normal life. He tried desperately keep his old life together. He ended up losing his friends and adopted a pig. He searches for clues on who and where E is.

Ellie and her mom have carefully made sure that anything about her dad and mom’s scandal wouldn’t bubble up back to the surface on the internet. They are keeping a low profile.

When she was young, her mom moved over to Henley, Maine as a way to escape the cameras and press that were hounding them in Washington DC.

When Graham’s first email came, Ellie quickly responded telling him about his error. She was surprised that this person wanted to continue emailing her.  After a while, she started to enjoy chatting with G, and the two of them would stay up most of the night emailing each other.

Against all odds, the story of two complete opposites come together to comfort each other. Despite all the differences, fate seems to keep them together.