Can You Make it Through?

Anna Solis, Online Editor

As September ends, something else begins: a new affordable horror awaits. The Scare grounds are back with a big bang, and will you make it through it? This year the Scaregrounds opens on Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. and is open on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night as well as Halloween night. The Infected have taken over the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds and are looking for fresh meat! You’ll have to get through a 7,200 foot maze of horror to get to the safe zone. With the haunt being bigger and LONGER this year, the challenge is to make it ALL the way through! 

This year tickets are cheaper than ever, starting at $15 dollars at the gate for an original Scaregrounds pass and $30 Scaregrounds Fastpass which gets you to the front of the line, one time through.  There are $5 off discount vouchers available at Tri-Cities Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Locations (redeemable on Thursday nights only). Discounts are available for larger groups of 25 or more but only on Thursday nights (call 509-547-9791). Scaregrounds is great for fun thrills or “fun” spooky date nights.

This year the Selfie station is coming again. Crazy clown selfie station is a large painted clown face with two large clown hands. Guests can take pictures behind the hands. It will be set up on the north side of building 2 across from Freakshow 3D. Predator selfie station is set up by food vendors. It’s a Predator static prop with three wall panels. Scarecrow selfie station is a tractor with pumpkins and cornstalks with scarecrow behind and straw bales in front. It will be set up at the end of Hillbilly Hell. Toxic/infected selfie will be panel walls with toxic barrels and a static zombie prop.

Thrill seekers beware as zombies break out in the Outbreak Zombie Paintball. General Admission for paintball fun includes 100 rounds for $20. More prices are listed on the website. The Infected is the main game this year and is the largest haunt in Eastern Washington. Something is lurking around every turn, every hallway, from above, behind, and below. Can you handle it? Go to for more information on tickets, deals and prices.