‘Hocus Pocus’ still a fun view for this time of year

Imogen Santoyo, Staff Reporter

   Hocus Pocus is a movie many watch during this spooky month:  it’s about three witches who seek children to live and to look young forever. In this movie, Max the curious kid and his sister Dani move to Salem, and Max finds it hard to settle in and awakes the Sanderson sisters. The witches are sisters from the 17th century who were hanged due to their supernatural crimes. There is a wild one, a smart one, and  stupid one. These witches bring trouble to Salem, these kids and their cat. These three set out to save Halloween and all the kids in danger.

   This movie is a classic because it brings out the then and the now. It brings out the supernatural characters and the spells and potions. It brings out the heroes and the scary characters playing the parts of the innocent. For example, the scary looking character, Billy Butcherson, is a zombie who helps the kids defeat the witches. It teaches the lesson that people’s characters matter more than their looks. Also, after the crazy hectic night the kids have, finally; at the end right when Winifred Sanderson is about to suck the life out of Max she and her sisters turn to dust because they aren’t allowed to be in the sun. I would rate this movie a 5/5. It’s funny, lesson learning, great for the spooky month, and just all over enjoyable. 

   This year is the 25th anniversary of the Sanderson sisters! DON’T MISS OUT ON THE CRAZINESS THESE KIDS ENCOUNTER! Who knows what these sisters are really capable of!?