‘Split’: a thriller with cliffhangers

The 'Split' movie poster.


The 'Split' movie poster.

Taylor Hunzeker, Editor-in-Chief

  ‘Split’, the psychological thriller, is a movie that started out questionably but became a movie with a complex story of truth, identity, and horror. Director and film writer of ‘Split’, M. Night Shyamalan, went deep into the minds of his characters and showed a story that was fantastic in its own way.

  This movie follows the trauma that follows teenager Casey when she is kidnapped with two girl classmates by a strange man who has a germ phobia. After being drugged, they find themselves locked in an unknown basement that is bigger than they could imagine. When their kidnapper begins to show weird signs of behavior that could be thought of as a joke, they soon realize he has 23 personalities inside him. This is called dissociative identity disorder. These identities range from a 9-year-old named Hedwig and an artistic man named Barry.

  Days go by and the audience begins to learn of Casey’s past and of Kevin’s past that result in him getting all 23 identities. With hints laid out before the watching audience, things start to unfold. Uncontrollable feelings begin to arise in Kevin and in each of his identities. While he fights against himself and begins to uncover the light to a new identity called the “Beast”, Casey and her two classmates try to escape.

  With lead roles played by James McAvoy, Betty Buckley, and Anya Taylor-Joy, talent is shown among the actors especially McAvoy who plays the split minded man, Kevin. His way of strategically acting out the identities, he shows the audience the horror and magnificence of his character’s mind.

  On the review site Rotten Tomatoes; ‘Split’ has an approval rating of 74 percent, which is based on 195 reviews. ‘Split’ was an entertaining film and will raise theories, questions, and suspensions after it has been watched.