Fall Out Boy: The Experience

Fall Out Boy: The Experience

Chloe Grundmeier EIC and Spencer Holle Staff Reporter

Emily Aardahl, Op-Ed Editor


When Fall Out Boy came back from their four-year hiatus with their last album, ‘Save Rock and Roll,’ their fans threw themselves into a frenzy. The main single off of ‘Save Rock and Roll’ – ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ – was a triple platinum, top 20 single. The band continues to captivate their fanbase with their newest release, ‘American Beauty / American Psycho.’

The first song on the popular album is a favorite to many – ‘Irresistible.’ The low brass intro to the song quickens its listener’s heartbeats every time. ‘Irresistible’ is followed by the namesake of the album, ‘American Beauty / American Psycho.’ Many think this song has a sort of 60s vibe to its sound.

The most popular track on the album is ‘Centuries.’ This single was released in September, giving a glimpse at the rest of the album that came out later in the month of January. The single was instantly played on radios all around the world and the members of the beloved band apologized for the fact that some believed it was overplayed on sports channels and radio stations.

‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ follows the loud single with a much calmer sound. This song is much more ‘chill’ than the rest of the songs on the album. The fifth song on the album is one that many believe to be based off of the popular Quentin Tarantino series ‘Kill Bill.’ The song is titled ‘Uma Thurman’ and is filled with lines that could relate to the movie. ‘Jet Pack Blues’ follows and is another calmer tune but still has a bluesy feel.

Another favorite of many is ‘Novocaine.’ The hard rock feel to the song is the reason that many love it so much. ‘Forth of July’ is another classic on the album with a loud low brass introduction. ‘Favorite Record’ follows and is another one of the calmer songs while also having a good dance beat.

Many have heard the song ‘Immortals’ without realizing it was a Fall Out Boy song. The popular song was first debuted during the popular animated movie ‘Big Hero 6’ and was an instant hit. The final song on the album is titled ‘Twin Skeletons’ and it sends out the album with a bang. The loud and fast bass beat which leads up to an even louder beat drop are a perfect ending to the album.

While all the songs are very different, the last half of the album consists mostly of songs that transition into each other (the easiest example being the switch from ‘Favorite Record’ to ‘Immortals’) and this reflects the band’s goal to write an album that felt more like a cohesive piece than just ten isolated songs.

Altogether the album was great. While there were songs that many loved more than others – like Novacaine or Centuries – there wasn’t a single song that anyone could single out as their least favorite. This album receives 5 out of 5 stars.