Mom’s Caramel Apples – A sweet twist on an age-old delicacy

Mom’s Caramel Apples – A sweet twist on an age-old delicacy

Zack Julian

In Mom's Caramel Apples, the side wall features detailed photographs of the shop's exquisite fruit creations.

Kaylee Zuhlke, Staff Reporter

Calling all chocolate, candy, and fruit fans alike! Mom’s Caramel Apples, a recently opened snack-shop in Kennewick, appeals to all food lovers that need to satisfy their sweet tooth’s hungers.

Believe it or not, Mom’s Caramel Apples specializes in nothing but – you guessed it – caramel apples. First, a beautiful green delicious apple is dipped in carefully made caramel. Second, the apple is coated in a candy or covering of your choice, including Reese’s, white chocolate, Twix, and many others. Finally and not soon enough, the apple will make its way to your mouth, where you will surely be delighted by the flavor that your taste buds encounter.

Originally based in Sunnyside, a new shop was opened in February by owner Ana Garza. It is a family run business. With inspiration stemmed from tamarind apples, (apples covered in Mexican candy), Garza has put creativity into fruit that results in a consumable masterpiece.

Prices range from $5 to $8, depending on the apple of your choice. There is also a “create your own” option that provides you the gift of blending your imagination with reality and creating the caramel apple of your own personal dreams.

I was not one bit disappointed by my choice to venture into this shop for the first time. Just off of Clearwater, this “fruit-mart” offers a bright atmosphere, detailed pictures and descriptions of the apples, and a neatly assorted business place for everyone to feel welcome. The Oreo-coated caramel apple that I had led me to the conclusion that traditional caramel apples are a shadow of what they have the potential to be. Not only are they lacking the extra creativity that Mom’s offers, but they don’t have the personal, family-run business feel that I’ve now experienced.

Mom’s Caramel Apple Shop is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. You can find the shop at 5610 W Clearwater, Suite C, next to the restaurant of the name “Mi Linda Sierra.” You can get there by following Clearwater, shortly after passing Just Roses.


Tamarindo $5.25
Caramel $4.25
Caramel w/ Nuts $5.00
Caramel with a Dash of Sea Salt $5.00
Oreo Caramel Apple $5.00
Chocolate Pretzel $5.25
White Chocolate Pretzel $5.25
Heath Caramel Apple $5.25
Butterfinger Caramel Apple $5.25
Sprinkles Caramel Apple $5.00
Reese’s Caramel Apple $5.50
M&M’s Caramel Apple $5.50
Caramel w/ Pecans $5.50
Caramel w/ Cashews $5.50
Caramel w/ Almonds $5.50
Caramel w/ Choco Almonds $5.50
The “Cesy” Choco coco almond $5.50
CocoNut $5.00
The “Chocolate” $5.50
The “Vanilla” $5.50
Apple Pie Caramel Apple $6.25
The Roxy $6.25
The “Vanilla” Butterfinger $6.50
The “Cherrelle” $6.50
Rocky Road $6.75
The “Vanilla” Reese’s $6.75
The Hulk $6.75
The Cookie Monster $6.75
The Turtle $6.75
The Tahlia $6.75
Apple Pie w/ Pecans $7.00
The S’mores $7.00
The White Chocolate S’mores $7.00
Twix $7.00
Create Your Own! To be decided